Monday, 2 February 2009

First Snow

It's nice to see snow again! It has the tendency to cover everything, no matter how flawed and ugly, with it's bright, white, soft texture and make it look like Christmas morning. Here's some pics shot by me and several of my Malden Hall inmat...I meant flatmates. : )

p.s. I thought that only in a third world country like Greece everything paralyzes when the weather goes extreme. Well, nope, it happens in the other countries ass well.

My house...
...and my street (it doesn't usually look that nice)

Timburtonish snowgirlYep kinda creepy...Snow angelFalic Dr. Freud?



spi_der said...

At least here in the "third world", once the snow melts the buildings don't look bat-ugly and birdshit couloyred :p (they look like that even covered in snow) ;-)

spi_der said...


Alexia Othonaiou said...


yep, I have some quite vivid memories of what you're talking about...

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