Sunday 26 October 2008

Drawing pages for Grand Guignol

Great gloomy day for staying in, working a bit, watching movies and blogging....

This story is called "Queen of the night" (that is if Spuros D. doesn't decide to change it) and is done for the "Bleeding Hearts series" for Grand Guignol magazine.

Pencil, pen, gray marker, pentel brush pen, and some cleaning up on photoshop...the usual stuff.

Saturday 25 October 2008

Athens Voice Double Page Spread

This was done for this weeks 5 Years Athens Voice Anniversary Issue. Watercolor and pencil on paper, then scanned and worked on it on photoshop...

Welcome Note

I welcome you all to my new blog thing! In "Words & Pictures" I will present my process of image making and update you with news about what I'm currently working on and more...

Enjoy the trip!