Thursday 26 November 2009

Bleeding Hearts and Firewalls

Back to the drawing board drawing Bleeding Hearts and doing website stuff at the same time. Actually I've been occupying my mind so much with ftp, dns, sql an' all, that yesterday I was having a chat with someone about love and relationships and I said something like "...yeah, you need to trust someone in order to love him...blah blah...if you don't, there's this firewall made of insecurities between you which blah blah...". Firewall. God.

Apart from that, I'm doing Christmas window decoration for a couple of shops, I"ll post some pics after the windows have been set.

Why is it nearly December and it's still really warm and sunny?


nihilio said...

I've done two essays recently about how software development is a werewolf and people searching for a silver bullet to kill it (which kinda proves that all Computer people are huge geeks), but that firewall comment was, well, insightful.
(and the synchonicity of writing this while a professor of mine was telling about the need for computer people to get to know how people interact... go figure.

Alexia said...

Well, although an agnostic (heh) I really do believe in synchronicity.

nihilio said...

A) Agnosticism is like voting a blank vote on elections come to think of it, you decide you cannot design.

B) Must have been that Constantine bloke making an appearance on a certain Sandman issue that made that to you

C) Then again Greek conspiracy theorists may have it right, come to think of it.