Friday 10 December 2010

The Christmas Spirit strikes again

And when you are just about to abandon the whole Christmas-Spirit-thing this year because it's hot, it's raining tear gas and you (and everyone else) don't have money to buy anyone anything, it's starts snowing in the Center of Athens.

And it's 1:30 p.m. and you are tipsy and cold and on your way home and you aren't even sure it's really snow. But it is. People texted me saying that it's actually snowing. Radio Bubble (bar just across the street) just tweeted that "You order scotch and you get snowflakes".

Good thing is, my Christmas tree now doesn't seem completely out of context. I even have some really surreal stuff hanging off it, that a couple of friends helped me make.

Pics of weird stuff hanging off my tree:

A flying pig.

A clown?

Definitely a dolphin.

Bunny and piranhas.

An angel. (not so weird)

And the Christmas tree.

I am not going to mention anything about work in this blog entry. This is a blog entry about the fact that it is nearly Christmas time in Athens and it is snowing. This never happens.

And a song. Dean Martin's - Baby It's Cold Outside.

(I realized a couple of entries ago that the pics and videos don't always come through the emails, so if you feel like reading the entry properly, visit my actual blog)

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