Tuesday 7 June 2011

You Only Live Once

"Anywhere's our home. On the road. Out there on a cold star. Anywhere's our home." -You Only Live Once, 1937

A picture for a friends blog, Rascalocity Mark III (http://rascalocity3.blogspot.com), described as "random and systematic attempts at modern old-fashioned noir literature."

I've been working on this since yesterday and I think I'm quite satisfied with how it looks.

Pencil on paper

Black ink

Black ink and white gouache paint

A bit of red water color

Zooming in

Real size

Working on it a bit more on photoshop, playing around with the colors and contrast and added some texture.

Black and white version

Black, white and red version

Colorful version, my favorite one I think.


UFO said...

Took me three days to realize that the hand holding the cigarette is hers, not yours. If this is a portrait of your twin sister, can I meet her?

Alexia said...

Actually the hand holding the cigarette is mine, not hers.

Why meet my sister? I'm not the evil twin, she is.