Tuesday 6 December 2011

Roses Climbing on my Drawer -a yesterday blog entry-

-I was supposed to upload this yesterday but I didn't cause it was impossible to take pics with no natural light.-

Today was an overly creative day and for that I am happy. I finished an illustration, I successfully made sweet and sour sauce (1st time ever) and also painted my drawer, something I've been intending to do for a year.

Also today, the center of Athens is burning (again) and for that I am not so happy. Well, perhaps I am slightly happy about the burning and the chaos (In Athens the x-mas spirit comes along with the smoke of fire and tear gas, so why break this wonderful tradition that illustrates how pleased the citizens are with the government and the police forces?). Just hoping no one will get hurt.

Pics of my drawer and process. (They came out a bit blury in parts, sorry about that!)

Using acrylic paint on wood. Starting with the ivy, then painting leafs. Surprisingly enough it smells like tear gas out in the balcony although I don't live that close to the center.

Starting to paint the roses. First shadows then highlights.

Painting small white flowers and more highlights on the roses and ivy. Done!


daugno said...

really cool work ! ena mpoliasma anarrixhtikhs batomourias k amygdalias sthn anthish ths (sthn iapwnia omws ...):-P

eraser said...